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Come read Monster Hunter Ecology Comics featuring Glyde and Darkmane. All works submitted here are a collaborative work between xglide and DarkmaneTheWerewolf We hope you enjoy your read.
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Sep 7, 2012


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Monster Hunter

45 Members
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Q: What exactly is this group about?
MHGD-ecologiges is a series of comics describing the ecological relationships of the various monsters found in the Monster Hunter series, a popular video game created by Capcom. These ecologies are all fictional works based off both in-game content and real-life science. They are a collaborative work, written and illustrated by xglide and DarkmaneTheWerewolf

Q: So who are Glyde and Darkmane?
They are characters we've chosen to represent ourselves in narrating the comics, Glyde is from xglide and Darkmane from DarkmaneTheWerewolf.

Q: Ok, but WHO are they?
Glyde is a felyne scribe originating from Kokoto Village. He's been recruited by the Guild for his many ecology works of numerous monsters found in surrounding areas. Glyde is usually cool and collected and may seem cold at times but is really kind. His main weapon is a set of custom made Dual swords called Narok and Rikota, which can combine together at the hilts to form a new staff-like weapon. He is proficient with most other weapons as well.

Darkmane is a strange mutant werewolf of sorts who has forcebly been cast as a Hunter, very optimistic and much more animated than glyde. Though he's mainly seen with a Greatsword or Gunlance, he is proficient in a variety of weapon types as a blademaster and gunner (Except Switch-axes), but he is prone to messing about and playing pranks on other hunters or his lynian companions. Especially Glyde.

Q: They're pretty cool, can i draw fanart of them and submit those to the group?
By all means. We'd love to see what you guys can come up with. However, please submit your works into the proper folders.

Q: Why won't you let me submit my Monster Hunter art when you're a Monster Hunter related group?
This group was made with Glyde and Darkmane especially in mind, as this is a collaborative work and the founders have agreed to share submissions, creating this group for us only makes it easier for people to keep up without having to deal with either artist's other works - You may love Glyde's work but hate Darkmanes, aside from these comics, watching this group doesnt instead force you to watch two completely different people while still being informed whenever a new comic is released.

Think about it this way - Theres already quite a lot of MH Groups already and alot of MH Art lovers watch maybe 3-4, maybe all of these groups. Many of them are artists themselves and when they create MH fanart, they'll submit to all these groups and they'll get bombarded with 50 million copies of eachother's deviations. At some point, they may start to get annoyed and either skip over art or stop watching a few groups altogether. Thats kinda unfair to the groups and its not going to get your artwork seen, infact, its probably the opposite to what you want, we'd only make things worse if we did the same so we're going to stick to our own little thing.

Be sure to check out our affiliates as they would be more than willing to accept monster hunter fan art.

Q: I have a suggestion/theory about X (Where X = a Monster)
Great! We'd love to hear how other people interpret things but make sure to back up your theories with the science its based on and ingame content. Who knows, if you've really got something, we may even use it in our ecologies =p. We will credit you of course.


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Hello faithful watchers and viewers! Here's the latest update from MHGD-Ecologies:
We recently brought to light misconception that the other party wasn't aware of . It had caused some interal dispute but with that cleared, we now have a clear path to work on. (Rheneplos Ecology: Interology.)
There are a few intermission comics in the conception stage.

Recently Uploaded!
Glyde's Dev Data: Flashbugs --->…
Of Guns and Lances --->…

This group was created so DarkmaneTheWerewolf and I would have an easier time submitting our collaborative Monster Hunter Ecology Comics.

All who visit the page. Don't be afraid to join our group! By joining the group you aren't obliged to do anything at all. If you want to submit fanart then you should join so we can add those to our gallery.

I have a chatroom that I created looooong ago but it hasn't really gotten popular. I can't be in there at all times but it would be great to see some people talking in there. If you have time, join in and see if anyone will join you for a chat. For those who are curious, the room name is: #TheHuntersGuilds.

**Updated Frequently**
More Journal Entries


As I (xglide) opted for the idea, Darkmane and I thought it'd be better that I be the admin/founder of this group. That said everything we do will be as a collab so we're both in on this.





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Mastervenusflytrap Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Need help with MH3U then go to my blog at: [link]
And ask away!
GiantenemyCrab22 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
This is awesome work, And i love the rheno ecology. (Its nice to see some humor!) i could go on but its 2:32 in the morning so yeah.
ahunternamedzirion Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hi Glyde! I have just read an awesome manga called Monster Hunter Orage and the final boss of that manga was just Epic! Maybe you can Do an ecology about it:)
xglide Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Student Writer
ah, i actually read the whole thing and I have the first book lol. Unfortunately even if i were to do an ecology of that, it'd be extremely hard as there's only exclusively limited information about it since it;s ONLY appearance is in the comics. If it turns out that the monster appears in the games in the future i might consider it =p
ahunternamedzirion Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Then there's almost no chance of it appearingT_T but MH 4 has some new cool monsters:) Maybe you can do an ecology about them^_^
xglide Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Student Writer
lol i'd have to be able to play the game which is going to be highly unlikely. Don't worry though I'm sure our upcoming ecology comics won't disappoint =p
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AnotherNerdOnline Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well I'm looking forward to seeing your ecologies. I'm especially excited to see your info on Qurupeco.
xglide Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Student Writer
we can't exactly say when that'll get done as there are quite a large monsters that exist in minegarde. But we eventually it'll be done. Be sure to watch or join the group so you'll get notified when that happens =)
Soliarum Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Student General Artist
So if I feel there may be the possibility of me drawing fan art in the future, it's acceptable for me to just join the group now, correct?
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